A small peak into our non-portrait work!

Not many people know this, but I, actually started off taking landscape photography in 4th grade for 4-H as a hobby. It was my passion long before I ever began taking portraits, or even started my business. Now I do so much portrait work, that taking landscapes are a rare escape. Please enjoy some of my favorite work from over the years down below, chronological order as I update as I go. Most recent work at the top, and older work towards the bottom. If you want prints of any of these pieces feel free to message me, and we can get that arranged.

2023 St. Louis Botanical Gardens

2022 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Devil's Tower

Strawberry Supermoon over Devil's Tower

A timelapse

2022 Mount Evans, Denver Colorado

2022 Denver Botanical Gardens

Heat Lightning

Insane heat lightning, as seen in the suburbs of good old Indiana.

` 2022 Kansas

2022 Taos, New Mexico


These are some landscapes taken on our trip to the mountains in Mountain View, Stone County, Arkansas, during an elopement in November 2021.

Burdette Park Halloween 2021; Drone work by Jesse Reising

peach Blossoms in the moonlight April 2021

Winter 2018 University of Southern Indiana Reflection Lake

Solar Eclipse

This is the process of the last big Solar Eclipse back on August 21st, 201, taken between classes on our first day of school, the first day of our third year out at University of Southern Indiana.

Cincinnati 2018

Old Landscapes

These photos are from our early days in our business! Not as wonderful quality as we are capable now, but really though, we still love them!

Purchase available on request.