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Our names are Bree Neeley and Jesse Reising, and we are your photographers! We shoot just about everything! Weddings, engagements, senior, proposals, babies, newborns, pregnancy's, families, events, music videos, fantasy shoots, holiday shoots, company team up's, landscaping/architecture for Travel Agency's, etc. We hope we can be of service to you! Contact us today to find out our rates and schedule your session!

We do shoots Nationally and Internationally!

Yes, that's right! We travel! Our business is based out of Southern Indiana, however we will go anywhere we are needed! We have done shoots for individuals in Indiana, Illinois (Chicago), Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri (St. Louis), Kansas, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, and Florida. Venturing further out we have even done shoots for individuals in Canada, India, and Oman!

Award Winning Photographers

  • 2022 The WeddingDay Magazine: Best Real Photograph of 2022 and Best Engagement Photo of 2022
  • 2021 Photography Merit Award, in the Gallery Show: Gift of: Jennifer L. Porter-Kieffer '06, Laurel Vaughn
  • 2020 Courier and Press Reader's Choice Award for Best Photographer
  • 2018 Indiana State Fair Open Class Honorable Mention in Professional Nature Photography
  • 2017 Indiana State Fair Open Class Second Place Winner for Wedding Photography in the Professional Division.
  • 2016 Indiana State Fair 4-H Best of Show
  • 2016 Indiana State Fair Open Class 1st Place Winner in Amateur Portraits.
  • 2013 Best of Show Indiana State Fair 4-H Photography


  • Nikon School Graduates. Classes taken:
  • Chicago 2012
  • Raleigh 2014
  • Chicago 2016
  • Working on a degree in Photography from USI

Local Companies we've teamed up with:

Wedding Day Magazine: Best Real Wedding and Engagement Photograph's of 2022

Omg we did it!!! I couldn't have done this without yall. I'm blown away by the love and support of this community. 1k of you voted for the wedding photo, and 693 of yall voted for the engagement photo. Those numbers are just wild to me. I'm so grateful to all of you. So thank you all so much. This feels like a dream! What a cool thing to happen as we close out the year. Cheers to sunset sessions, celebrating love, all of my beautiful clients, colorful photography, living a dream, and most of all you guys!

Also shout out to Brooklynn and Nathan, and Jenna and CJ, the stars of the photographs. They just killed it in their sunset sessions, and I'm so excited they all got to ride with me on this fun journey. Plus, thank you to all of your families for the constant sharing and excitement.

10 years of Neeley Photography

Thank you so much! Giveaway details below!

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To think, 10 years ago I had just done a friend's senior photos for fun, and I had 3 parents telling me to set a price. Jesse and I were sitting on my mom's bedroom floor with a laptop, when we started this page. And we have been booked ever since!

Really, none of this would have been possible without you guys! I feel blessed every day to have such an incredible community. Thank you for supporting two 15 year old's with a dream! We owe yall big!

This post wouldn't be complete without a few shout outs!

  • First, to the ladies at Merrymint Celebration Boutique & Event Space for this stunning balloon arch. It was so beautiful!
  • And then to my dear friends at Bea Sweet Treats. Ashley Corbetta and Stephanie Robinson Post for making this adorable and delicious cake, that we absolutely devoured after this shoot.
  • Finally to my parents, Jesse's parents, and all of our friends and family that have supported us, and at times dropped everything to help us create wild shots for our clients. We appreciate all your time, energy, and love!

Cheers to the last 10 years of adventures, stories, cool experiences, countless road trips and traveling, making fun art, and just the best clients! I hope you enjoyed this video of us smashing cake in each other's faces, and watching our growth over the last 10 years.

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Engaged, not engaged, newly together... All of it is wonderful! Let's express your love story!

We have 2 different package styles to offer. Contact us to learn more!

Or document your years as a family!

Especially before those little ones grow up, or let's make your adult memories fancy.

Let's celebrate those family reunion's, 50th anniversaries, and 90th Birthday Parties too.

All these memories are so important! Why not make sure they are properly documented? Check out family collections here!

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

Our Current Special

Have your own cute Mini Session in our green house. $125 for 30 minute sessions. You'll receive 5-10 retouched images, and a digital collection of everything taken! Shoots will look best, first thing in the morning, and in the evening. Mini sessions can apply for individuals, seniors, friend groups, couples, small families, and cute picnic's.

Book A Greenhouse Mini Session here!

Package can be extended to include a luxury picnic set up!

While it does increase the price, because of the time it takes to set up and to prep a charcuterie; don't let that discourage you!

This option is great for proposal's!!

Your girl will truly will be wowed, and double bonus, it is super easy on your end! This package is also super fun or to celebrate somebody special in your life, for a group of friends who want to have a good time, couples who want to get fancy for an insta moment, or a little girl tea parties they will never forget!

Below are example's of past green house mini's!

This package works perfectly for every season!


Our Most Recent Business Collab

The Wizards' Ball

We are so excited to announce a fun local event, y'all definitely need to check out! THE WIZARDS' BALL will be on June 25th, it is hosted by Toast Events in collaboration with Paparazzi Glamour and Gowns and City View! This event it a Charity Ball, that supports a local charity associated with each house of wizardry!

Choose Your house to support a charity:

Gryffindor is represented by Young & Established

Ravenclaw by Patchwork Central

Hufflepuff by It Takes a Village

Slytherin by Albion Center

Half of each and every ticket goes directly to one of these amazing endeavors!

Join us for a night of glamour and magic at City View at Sterling Square on June 25th, 9pm to 2am!

Follow Toast Events for more details!

Tickets available only at:

We Went Viral... Three Times!

Here's the Story:

Falling in Love

at the Drive In!

Late last night Jake and Sarah sent a group chat telling us how, today is the ten year anniversary of these two love birds trying out for the musical Grease together! Which, how perfect?!

I love capturing period pieces. This is one of my favorite shoots ever! We got to relive Jake and Sarah's wedding day emotions (we photographed their actual wedding back in 2018), catch up with old friends, and create magic!

Doing a vintage inspired Drive In shoot has been on my bucket list for about 3 years now. And to do it as a collab with some of my favorite companies makes it even better!

Businesses' Involved

Dresses: Paparazzi "Glamour & Gowns" Rose & Bliss

Car: Ashley Corbetta

Venue: Holiday Drive-In

Hair: Kyra Jo Webster

Makeup: Billy Thorn

Models: Sarah Miller, Jake Miller, Grace McCormick Lauren Pilkington, Amelia, Natalie Bartley

National Campaign Ad:


Family Video

We had the pleasure of shooting a National Campaign ad with Family Video in 2021. #savethevideostore was a campaign put of by Family Video to Nationally promote the video store and the awareness of nostalgia. Universal Studio's, Sony Pictures, Media Play News, and The Back to the Future Trilogy Company also nationally promoted this content that we created at our local Family Video in little old Newburgh IN, that we created in our back yard Family Video Store.

Family Video

Stranger Things Merch Line

We launched a shot promoting Stranger Things Merch for Family Video, Since they appear in cameo's in Season 3 and 4. This campaign was incredibly fun since we ourselves are huge Stranger Things Fan's and we had so much fun recreating moments from previous season's at our local Family Video, and showing off the new Family Video Hawkins IN T-shirts and retro Family Video Employee Nostalgia Vests that can be seen being worn by Robin and Steve in Season 3 and 4.

We are a safe space and an ally!

for LGBTQIA+, BLM, individuals with disabilities, and are accepting of different cultures and religions!

We find it important that all of our clients feel safe here! We like to keep politics out of it. All of you are important to us.

One of the things that we've heard from so many of our clients is they are surprised how open and accepting we are of them and their lifestyles. To be honest, that means so much to us, and is a goal we hope to continue! Truth is we are here for you! No matter what! There is no place for judgement here.

We love celebrating diversity.

And we want to help tell your story!

Pride Mini's Available During the month of June!

Contact us for more details!

Art Show's

We just love participating in Art Shows, and the local art community!

Shows we've participated in and their awards listed below!

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Cute Mini Vlog

From our TikTok

During yesterday's engagement session with Madi and Tyler, we made a little detour to do some photos in nature before we headed back to the city to catch the sunset. We hopped out of the car and to our delight the water was frozen. We were on a long bridge surrounded by a blanket of ice. I got started posing them immediately, and suggested we moved further along the bridge, when Madi stopped us all. She pointed out how a portion of the bridge was covered in carvings, something I hadn't even noticed. And she turned to Tyler asking if could pause so they could carve their names there too. We all began pulling out keys and comparing them to see who's was the sharpest. And then they got to carving. It took about 10 minutes, and it's by far my favorite moment from their shoot. I hope they go to revisit many many years and life events down the road, and remember how they carved this during their engagement session!


In honor of our close friend and former senior: Drake Brooks

We miss you buddy!

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