Music Video's

Wrote a cool song? We'd love to help your creative vision come to life! Our process for filming music videos usually goes something like this: We first like to have a phone meeting to discuss song vibe, ideas, and what you would like in the video. We then ask you to send us the song. We listen to it several times, and create a storyboard/or written visuals, and send it to you for approval and input. We like to then like to text and/or do another phone meeting or two where we can plan filming locations, models, outfits, etc. Filming can take anywhere from 2 days to a week. Prices vary upon levels of request.

Band Photo's

We can photograph any band style! Just tell us your vibe, genre, and style and we will work with you to customize images that fit your needs best! Be it for promotion's, or for social media, upcoming shows, performing images of you playing at a show, album covers, Spotify images, YouTube banner's, or just for fun!

Dance Video's

Not a musician? That's ok! We have video's events for Dancer's before! be it just a solo performance, a stage competition, or a group performance, we've got you covered!

A Young Man's Journey

Music By: Jesse Reising, Chase Reising, Nick, and Zach Gill: Story Inspired by Chinese Translation by M. Ward

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Viridian Rhythm

Song by Zach Gill, Jesse Reising, Chase Reising, and Nick

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Brock Alexander

Brock and I have teamed up together for several years now to create a body of works, all linked below!

Brock Alexander Promo Video

Please Check out JUDE Brock Murray on Youtube!

There are many things I'd like to say about launching our first music video, but the first and most important is how proud I am of my good friend, Brock Murray. He has been working tirelessly on creating his first album and it is incredible! I have watched him work day and night on his new songs for months; pouring his heart into making his dream come true. This is his first song to release so it's a bit of a sneak peek for you all! Please add @judebrockmurray on Insta to find out all of the updates on new songs as they come out! Trust me you don't want to miss it, cause there are definitely a few bangers!

The Nightfall

Absolutely loved filming our second music video with Brock Murray, as usual, and getting to meet so many new people while doing it! We can't believe how quick of a project this was. We literally started filming Saturday, finished filming and pieced it together yesterday, got the music back today. Crazy fast. Anyways, hope you enjoy!! We are about to start filming our passion project in a few weeks, so until then!

Video Staring: Brock Murray, Shelbi Mulcahy, Ellie Neeley, Zack Kramer, and Jesse Reising. Thanks to all of our special guests who frequent the skatepark, and were willing to let us film them doing cool tricks!

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The Nightfall

The Nightfall (Demo) | Official Video | Explicit

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London Mourning

The next thing I want to say, is that making our first ever music video has been an incredible learning experience! We started filming the day after Christmas, and filmed for 3 days straight, which was an absolutely crazy and exhilarating thing to do. I have loved getting the opportunity to make his vision come to life, and discovered I truly love getting the opportunity to tell a story through film! I am proud to say that we are in the process of planning 3 more videos as we speak, one of which possibly in another part of the country, so keep a look out!

A special thanks to everyone involved in this process! Including the star's of the video: Brock Murray and Tamarea Kramer. Recording studio: Azmyth Recording Studios. Mixing and production: Brock, Carey Goodspeed, Ken Murray, Zach Pfister. Jesse Reising, and Ellie Neeley for all the filming help and emotional support. Camille Neeley, Tom Neeley, and Savannah Patterson for the video equipment and props. Video extras: Jesse, Alaina Jaye Halsey, Caleb Benjamin Patrick, Charles Davis, Bowman Clark, Ellie, Eva Houseman, Steven Mattingly, Gigi Min, and especially Steven Mallinak for allowing us to throw a house party at his house! Social media consulting: Alaina Jaye Halsey. Video also available on YouTube! Please give it a like, and subscribe! #neeleyphotography #jude #londonmourning

London Mourning |OFFICIAL VIDEO|

JUDE: Brock Murray

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London Mourning Blooper Reel

JUDE Album Cover

In Home Sessions

I'm Going Home

Folk Fun

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Old Dreams

In Home Recording Session

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The Valcoes